BG 126 – Love for language

Many people don’t like to read anymore.
Books, long texts, never mind!
Give us passive entertainment
and short summaries.
TLDNR (too long, did not read).

We prefer to be on social media,
we prefer gaming, we watch movies,
we stream series.
There’s nothing wrong with that. But…
we don’t (like to) read anymore.
As a result, we lose language skills
and our pleasure in reading.

We are falling behind in a society where
everything revolves around language.
Our chance of finding a good job,
being able to stand up for ourselves,
being able to understand forms,
being able to use websites,
getting good health care,
being able to recognize fake news,
being well informed and therefore
making good decisions.

Of course, there are many other
fun things to do besides reading
books and texts.
But without reading skills and
without language skills,
we miss a lot of beautiful things and
we might fall hopelessly behind.

Don’t lose your love for language!

(According to a number of articles I read recently, people would find it easier to read texts if the beginnings of the words are in bold. Does that work for you?)