BG 137 – Average city folks

look at them go
between the houses
offices, apartment buildings, high-rises
over asphalt, along concrete
hurried, rushed, stressed
constantly surrounded by
noise, light, bustle
traffic, commerce
traffic jams, air pollution
their gaze and attention on
their electronics

barely aware of
their own inner self, let alone
of nature, of the
wonder of the universe
that surrounds them
of life itself
of sitting or lying quietly
feeling, listening, smelling
floating, humming, dancing
breathing, being

of the sun on their skin
the breeze through their hair
of the smells of
nature, the colors
of the seasons
forgotten that they are an
inseparable part of nature
of the animal world, of
everything that lives and exists

always busy with numbers
with time, with making money
and spending it
more, more, more
never enough time
money and possessions
no more time for
what they really need
maybe they forgot
those average city folks