BG 14 – Yes you can

People often say ‘I can’t draw’ or ‘I can’t write.’
But is that really true?

Unless you have a physical disability that prevents you from moving the tip of a pen or pencil over a piece of paper, or from using the keyboard or mouse of a computer, you can draw and write!

Maybe the standards you set for yourself are too high or you compare your work with that of others. But you don’t have to be Shakespeare or Rembrandt to make something yourself. Who says a line has to be straight and a circle perfectly round? There are handy tools for that, by the way. And who says a poem should rhyme?

Make a shopping list on a piece of paper and you are a writer.
Draw a few wavy lines by way of water and you are an artist.
Discover the basic options of that graphics program on your computer.
Use your phone to send your best friend a fun text.
Don’t worry about Art with a big A or Literature with a big L.
Just have Fun with a big F.

Yes, you too can draw and write!