BG 18 – Creative thinking: What can you do with a towel?

Dry your hands, your feet, your face, your body, your hair, your cat, your dog, your favorite chicken, your cow, your horse, your window frames, your gutter, your fence, your door handle, your bike, your scooter , your car or your garden furniture with it; clean your shoes, your pans, your windows, your brushes, your blackboard, your nose, your armpits or your buttocks with it; wipe away dust, chalk, mud, spilled drinks, makeup, paint, suds or lubricating oil with it; use it as a rug, picnic blanket, basket lining, doormat, beach towel, sponge, flag, knapsack, spare blanket in the car, bath mat, mop, around your swiffer, as a tablecloth, lamp light dimmer, banner, animal cage bottom protector, furniture cover, window curtain, sunroof, hammock, fly curtain, train footrest protector, car neck support protector, ice compress, floppy hat, turban, face cover, napkin or lap cloth for messy grandpa, serving cloth over your arm, ice protector for your windshield, puppet curtain, baby or kitten peek a boo cloth, parrot cage cover, blindfold, don’t lose your children holding cloth, animal guiding cloth, bee nest remover or to paint a painting, window frames or ceiling with; put one or more on the floor for children as a hopscotch, feet off the floor, baseball base, raft, pirate ship, flying carpet, desert island or for a time-out; sit on it to protect your buttocks from dirt, painful marks, cold or burns; fold it in half and use it as a seat cushion, booster seat or bed cushion; bind it into a ball with twine and use it as a football, punching bag, or pouffe; roll it up and use it as a turban, belt, beating weapon, tug of war rope, draft roller or neck support; wrap ice cubes, marbles, toys, a present or your lunch in it; hide your diamonds, jewelry, love letters or securities in it against theft; pack your valuables in them when you move house; wrap plates and cups with it before you smash them up for mosaics; turn it into a nest for your kitten, puppy, hamster, baby or yourself; sew a t-shirt, sweater, sweatpants, chair cushion, bed cushion, bag, swim bag, backpack or sports bag, or a dust cover for your PC, keyboard, screen or printer from it; sew several together and use them as a window curtain, theater curtain, fitted sheet, blanket, duvet cover, hammock, carpet, party tent, camping tent, sun cover for your car or cover your sofa with it; cut it up and sew a stuffed animal, phone case, ball, duster, cleaning cloth, bib, diaper, washcloth, sun hat lining, bicycle saddle cover, swimming trunks or bikini from it; cut it into smaller pieces and fill a stuffed animal, soft ball or pillow with them, or lay the pieces outside as nesting material for birds or other animals; you can also hit or strangle someone with it, but I do not recommend that; much more fun: wrap it around yourself and your loved one, or ask him/her to rub you dry with it; and when you get really tired of it, you just throw in the towel.

(This sentence is 517 words long.)