BG 184 – Changed forever

They changed it, the sidewalk
in front of their house. They
put up a little bookcase there,
their ‘Little Free Library’.

Therewith they have changed
the experience of walkers and
cyclists on that sidewalk forever.
Henceforth those will think, whether

they like it or not, of books,
of reading, of shall I or shall
I not, of I’m actually in a hurry,
and I have no bag with me.

Or of: I don’t like books, I don’t
like to read. But it is hard to ignore.
Inconvenience, not for me.
Or they look straight past it.

And the sidewalk has also
changed in another way.
Most people passing by are
honest, some are bastards.

One free book a day is not
enough for the latter, and
they steal, preferably in the
dark, dozens of books.

Every passer-by is now a reader
or a non-reader, and happy, thankful,
indifferent, or just greedy.
Not just a passer-by anymore.

They changed the sidewalk in
front of their house forever.