BG 186 – Artificial Intelligence

No AI (Artificial Intelligence) was used in the making of this Blog.

Everything you see and read on this Blog was made by me and is the result of my imagination, my creativity, my thoughts, my feelings, my intelligence, my knowledge, my individuality, my memories, my experience, my attentiveness, my fallibility, my sense of language, my talent, my effort, my faltering concentration, my perfectionism and my perseverance.

I have not illegally copied any sources of knowledge, violated any copyrights, or committed any intellectual theft (plagiarism) for creating this Blog.

Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, is nothing more than super-fast reproduction and combination of other people’s data. Data that in many cases has been obtained illegally.
I don’t think intelligence is the right word for that.
What it lacks are empathy, (various levels of) awareness, conscience, feeling, morals, memory, self-correction, interaction, and everything else that distinguishes us humans from super-fast copy and combine software.

I wonder:
– Is legislation and regulation being made with regard to the development and use of AI? And are ethical considerations being made first?
– Shouldn’t the makers of AI software be fined for using huge amounts of data without permission, the copyright of which belongs to third parties (high-quality content)? And shouldn’t they still have to financially compensate those copyright holders?
– Shouldn’t the makers of AI from now on provide transparency about the sources of the data they use to ‘train’ their AI software (meaning they integrate other people’s data into their software)? And shouldn’t they ask the rightful owners of that data for permission and pay them (for more than a single use)?
– And where data is not protected by copyright laws (low-quality content), such as public social media posts, should the creators not be explicitly informed about what is done with their data?

My Blog is unique. I am unique. Just like all other people.
A text or image generated by AI is not unique, even if the software is now able to combine different types of data in a new way, just like humans. It always remains on the surface, depth is lacking.

In my opinion, Artificial Intelligence IS not intelligence, but imitates intelligence.

AI can and will of course have useful applications. But as long as it produces texts and images without being able to interpret, reflect and edit the content of those texts and images in a humane way, it mainly leads to the dehumanization of information and sometimes even to degrading information.
It also makes it increasingly difficult for the average person to distinguish honest and correct information from false information. AI texts can be very convincing, even if they are full of untruths.

The creators of AI underestimate human intelligence, which consists of so much more than just our IQ.