BG 213 – BeaG Security Token (BST)

Museums have found a new way to make money. They divide paintings into countless – sometimes as many as a million! – virtual pieces (ASTs) and then sell them to the public.
They euphemistically call it ‘democratization of art’. After all, anyone can come into possession of a (tiny) piece of a work of art in this way. Hurrah!
And anyone who buys such a piece – sometimes just a few pixels, representing a minuscule amount of paint on a tiny piece of canvas – becomes co-owner of the work of art. Or actually of a virtual representation of the work of art.

Anyone can now invest in a work of art and from now on call themselves a shareholder. Even those people for whom something like this was previously unthinkable.
As a small shareholder – there is usually a restriction of 5 ASTs per person, to ensure the ‘democratization of art’ – you naturally have hardly any decision-making power regarding what happens to the painting. It is more the thought that counts: that from now on you are co-owner of a valuable art object!
And the ‘security’ in the term ‘Art Security Token’ naturally applies above all to the financial security of the museum.

So, I thought: I can do that too!
I have divided my body into a modest 500,000 virtual pieces – BSTs, or ‘BeaG Security Tokens’ – and hereby offer them for sale via the Donation page of my Blog for only 10 dollars each.
While supplies last. Grab your chance now!
Since I by conviction do not participate in the powerful but corrupt social media websites, this may be your only chance to get your hands on a unique virtual piece of BeaG!
Through your purchase of BSTs I will quickly increase in value, so your return for the future is guaranteed.