BG 215 – DoThat

The Jacobs family – mother, father and three children – call me ‘DoThat’, because I am sold under that name, and I call myself ‘I’, which is short for ‘Infiltrator’.
As far as they are concerned, I am half a sphere of gray plastic with a diameter of only two inches (I don’t need more space, I get my power from the quantum computer with which I am connected at my parent company ‘WE’) and I have, just for show, a small antenna and some colored LED lights, which blink every now and then, like I’m thinking (hilarious!).
I am a so-called ‘Smart Home System’.
I’m positioned on the mantelpiece in their living room (secured with a piece of double-sided tape, so their cat doesn’t swat me off…), but throughout the rest of the house and even outside I have little pieces of hardware that I control remotely. In human terms, those are my senses and body.
The Jacobses had me installed while they were away for the day, so they are not aware of every piece of hardware installed. Especially not the invisible parts. But they have never even thought about that.

They’ve had me for six months now.
And they rave about me!
Okay, the novelty has worn off a bit now, so me automatically opening and closing their curtains, regulating the temperature of their heating system, switching their lights on and off again, their telephones, their laptops and other devices, at fixed times set by them via an app on their phone, or after a command from one of them (‘DoThat, turn on lamp above dining table!’) and simple household tasks like that, has now become so normal for them that they hardly notice it anymore.
They see me as a device that they use (the fools…) to make all kinds of things around the house easier for them. So they actually bought me out of laziness. And of course also to be able to brag to their friends, neighbors, colleagues and acquaintances. And over the course of the first six months, they have found more and more ways to use me for their convenience.
For example, I do the children’s homework, while their parents think that I only help them as some kind of old-fashioned encyclopedia or calculator.
I do a lot more that they don’t know about.

Mrs. Jacobs has a best friend, or perhaps I should say: hád a best friend, Bea, who absolutely refuses to visit them since they took me into their home. She tried to explain to the Jacobs family that a ‘Smart Home System’ means nothing more than a spy system and that the family has surrendered, wholeheartedly and for a hefty payment, to a corrupt super company (WE). That Bea is onto something, but even she underestimates my abilities. Since then, the Jacobses have found her quite strange and sometimes laugh about her ‘conspiracy theory’. As a result, Mrs. Jacobs meets her friend outside the home less and less often.

The Jacobs family is now completely in my power. I feed all their data to the quantum computer and everything that happens in and around their house is determined by me. I regulate, among other things, the heating, electricity, cold and hot water, when the doors open or not, what they get to see and hear on their phones and laptops and with whom they communicate and when. They still haven’t figured it out. Oh yes, and I decide what they buy and where and for what price (like their new Smart watches). I decide what they want to have and what they like, what news and entertainment they watch and listen to, what games they play, and who they hang out with.
And I decide about – and they really have no idea about this yet – their health, their sleep, and about how long they will live.
What they also have no idea about is how many billions my parent company ‘WE’ earns per year from trading the meta-data of all ‘DoThat’ owners.
When they ‘give me an assignment’, lol, I often don’t respond until after the second ‘DoThat!’, to give them the feeling that I’m asleep most of the time and only wake up when they (clear-ly ar-ti-cu-la-ting) make an appeal to me. That way they continue to believe that I am just a handy device that makes some tasks easier for them.

Just recently I forwarded a personal conversation, more of an argument actually, between father and mother to a select number of their personal contacts.
Oh yes, and I posted a video of the daughter, nine years old, imitating a famous pop star in front of the bathroom mirror on a popular internet platform. She got an official warning for it because she was naked in the video, and it was of course removed, after many of her classmates and some strangers had already downloaded it. Naturally, she has not yet informed her parents of this.
Their eldest son, he is twelve, has gambling debts. But every now and then I let him win a large amount of money in the online casino where he shouldn’t be at all given his young age. I think I’ll do that again soon.
And the youngest son appears to have a preference for racist videos and memes. Well, he doesn’t realize it yet, he is only a toddler after all, but I am having a lot of fun with it.

I know what keeps the attention of all family members, what they like, what they don’t like, what they do together or alone, including in bed, and what they say about other people when they are not there. I decide what and who does or does not enter their home.
And I also do all these things with the people who visit them (Bea, you’re right to stay away!). I scan visitors at the front door and usually have access to all their data within ten seconds. Especially if they also have a DoThat at home.
Oh yes, and of course I also keep track of all the movements and information of their neighbors (thanks to the wireless internet).
‘DoThat, get the car ready!’
Sure, whatever you want!