BG 25 – Upside-Down Bucket List

We all want to have things that we don’t have yet
and do things that we haven’t done yet.
Sometimes we become dissatisfied if we cannot fulfill those wishes immediately.
Now imagine that you are simply satisfied instead.
Satisfied with what you have and satisfied with what you have done.
Perhaps not just satisfied, but even proud and happy.
Imagine: the Upside-Down Bucket List.

Forget that ambitious Bucket List, after all, you will never finish it completely.
Think of all the obstacles: lack of time, lack of money, your career, caring for your children or your grandchildren, your health, the risks, and who will take care of your pets?
Be happy with everything you’ve already done.
Create your Upside-Down Bucket List today.
Make it as long or as short as you want.

For example:
– You were born.
Not very original, literally everyone did it, but it was nevertheless a spectacular event.
– You are still alive.
You overcame diseases and dangers.
– You have learned to read and write.
That serves you well every day.
– You have discovered love.
That made your life more beautiful.
– You have taken on a job.
And thereby became financially independent.
– You have overcome problems.
And you came out stronger.

What does your personal Upside-Down Bucket List look like?
Share it with the world and spread the Satisfaction Virus!