BG 29 – Mona

Daddy daddy daddy
daddy daddy!
Yes, sweetheart?
I’m going to fly daddy daddy.

She takes off and jumps high
with a big turn, look at her fly
up to tomcat Boris on the roof
she gently strokes his fuzzy floof.

She takes off again and turns brave
laughs at the neighbor, wave wave.
Look how her hair flutters in the breeze
and her T-shirt tickles her knees.

There is the neighbors’ Daisy kitty
peeking through the hedge so witty.
She now flies over the trees, like a crow
to reach the cows in the meadow.

And tips one with her toes so kind
on its mega big behind
Foo, this flying wears her out
back home she goes, without a doubt.

She lands softly in the sandbox.
Daddy just steps outside.
Hi sweetheart
would you like a chocolate spread sandwich?
Yes daddy daddy.
Daddy daddy I’ve flown!