Gevonden Woorden / Found Words

Gevonden Woorden kunst en Gevonden Woorden gedichten.
Found Words art and Found Words poems.

BG 188 – Blackout Poem

Blackout Poem

desperately keen
a sudden
penetrating look
his face going hot
for a moment

BG 143 – Boekenleggers / Bookmarks 03 + 04

Found Words bookmark 03, cut out Dutch words in red, pink, grey and black on white.
Found Words bookmark 04, cut out Dutch words in red, pink, grey and black on white.

Gevonden Woorden boekenleggers (collages van uitgeknipte woorden).
De woorden vormen samen geen verhaal, al kun je ze wel proberen te combineren.
Maat: 5×15 cm (met witte rand).

Found Words bookmarks (collages of cut out words).
Don’t worry if you don’t understand Dutch, the words together don’t make a story.
Size: 2×6 inch (with white border).

BG 86 – Blackout Poem

Blackout Poem

She wore
water droplets
her eyebrows
she spoke of
interest in life
at least
in the pur-
suance of

BG 71 – Blackout Poem

Blackout Poem

The noise of
better places to go
her staying out all night
calm down
no reason to
be reasonable

BG 46 – Blackout Poem

Blackout Poem

She was
a typical
her lips were
said to him
About that night, about us
let’s not talk about it
It’s over
He thought
I can’t hear a thing