black widow

BG 174 – SAI Search

She sits at her computer and types in the search window: ‘google search’
And gets the answer: [Unknown.]
‘I want to use google search, but I can’t find it on my pc anymore’
[But BeaG, that’s not necessary, after all, you now have SAI Search.]
[What do you want to know?]
[We don’t use the word fireman anymore, BeaG.]
[Firefighters can be either male or female or both or neuter.]
[And you really can’t extinguish fires with that little attached hose.]
‘what goddammit is the definition of a fireman?’
[A firefighter is someone who, professionally or voluntarily, puts out fires. See attached photos, diagrams and articles.]
[If you want to, I can initiate a conversation with a firefighter for you.]
[And BeaG, we’re not swearing here.]
[A curse word that is no longer used.]
[Is there anything else you want to know?]
‘murder of the black widow’
[We no longer use the word black. It’s derogatory.]
‘it’s a color’
[That is up for debate.] …

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