BG 128 – Special Compliment

Special compliment from a visitor:
‘I have looked at your blog and find it beautiful and interesting!
But it seems like something goes wrong when I look at it: all I see is black and white and gray, the colors seem to have disappeared.
You better fix that.’

BG 124 – Green – Doedeltekening / Doodle Drawing

Doodle drawing - black on background with green, yellow, blue and white.

Getekend met zwarte inkt op gescande achtergrond
(origineel geschilderd met acrylverf op wit papier).

Drawn with black ink on scanned background
(original painted with acrylic paint on white paper).

BG 86 – Blackout Poem

Blackout Poem

She wore
water droplets
her eyebrows
she spoke of
interest in life
at least
in the pur-
suance of

BG 74 – Collage: Kauwtje / Jackdaw

Paper collage of a jackdaw relaxing/partying in a hammock made of a discarded face mask.

Kauwtjes: ‘Mensen, bedankt voor het buiten weggooien van gebruikte mondmaskers!’

Jackdaws: ‘People, thanks for throwing away used face masks outdoors!’

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BG 71 – Blackout Poem

Blackout Poem

The noise of
better places to go
her staying out all night
calm down
no reason to
be reasonable

BG 46 – Blackout Poem

Blackout Poem

She was
a typical
her lips were
said to him
About that night, about us
let’s not talk about it
It’s over
He thought
I can’t hear a thing