BG 85 – Coincidence

Every year in the period from the beginning of September to the beginning of December, the ages of me, my brothers and my love form a neat row.
This year:
58 – my dear brother P
57 – me, B
56 – brother A
55 – my wonderful husband M


BG 42 – Mathematics Dent

She’s got a math dent. In fact, she’s got a dent for all science subjects. This is why. She has a brother who is a year and a half older and who has a math bump, or rather a bump for all science subjects. He studied physics with a specialization in astronomy. So, when she was born, there was nothing left, just that dent.

(A math bump, or wiskundeknobbel, is an actual word in Dutch. I made up the math dent.)

BG 39 – Turning Point Tradition

At the end of the year, you often sit together with the people that are dear to you (in the same room, or via an online connection).
Make your get-together this year and the coming years special by starting a new tradition: the end-of-year Turning Point Tradition.
How does that work?
Everyone takes three turns to speak.
1. In the first round, you share those things that were the most negative for you personally in the past year.
2. In the second round, you leave the negative behind and share those things that have been the most positive for you personally in the past year.
3. Finally, in the third round, you share your wishes and plans for the coming year.
Of course you don’t have to share everything if you prefer not to.
The Turning Point Tradition is not an obligation, but a loving invitation.