BG 204 – Ik vond / I found

Ik vond deze vreemde familie van planten op mijn dagelijkse wandelingen.

Pictures of odd plants.

I found this strange family of plants on my daily walks.

BG 104 – For the New Year I wish you:

– a good health
– nice contact with other people
– pleasant experiences
– good luck working on your goals
– enjoy your activities
– a lot of relaxation
– solutions to the climate problem
– recovery of nature
– more positive than negative moments

And above all I wish you:
– the insight that you yourself can contribute to these things.

BG 74 – Collage: Kauwtje / Jackdaw

Paper collage of a jackdaw relaxing/partying in a hammock made of a discarded face mask.

Kauwtjes: ‘Mensen, bedankt voor het buiten weggooien van gebruikte mondmaskers!’

Jackdaws: ‘People, thanks for throwing away used face masks outdoors!’

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