our cats and the back door

BG 48 – Our cats and the back door

Our gray-striped cats, we have two of them, are of course sweet, but they can also be quite annoying, especially when the weather is bad.
They then meow dozens of times a day: ‘hey, will you open the back door for me?’, which makes it difficult for me to concentrate on anything. If I try to ignore their meowing, it gets louder and more compelling: ‘hey human, will you finally open that door for me?’.
When they are indoors, I can temporarily distract them by playing with them. It usually goes like this: I play with a cat toy and they look bored at it. Sometimes they give it a slow tap to end the hassle.
They do this meowing, that starts friendly, but gets more and more demanding, alternately indoors and outdoors. When they are indoors, they want to go out, and when they are outdoors, they want to go in.
When it rains, or the ground is covered in snow, they scream bloody murder to be let indoors. They are only allowed to when I have cleaned their paws with an old towel.
Five minutes later they have already forgotten that it was wet and cold outside and the hassle starts all over again: ‘Will you open the door? Meow? Meeoow? Meeeeeeeoooow!’
Did I mention we have two of them? They take turns.