random questions

BG 197 – Random Questions

May I ask you something? Do you think polar bears should be protected from extinction? What do you do for a better environment? Do you think you should do more? Do you have chest hair? Do you cut your nails every week? Would you rather eat an apple or an orange? Do you like to be always available? Would you like to go on holiday to a wonderful place even if there was no internet coverage? Who is your hero?

BG 172 – Random Questions

May I ask you something? What is the square root of 81? Have you ever looked after small children? Did you enjoy doing that? Where can one find a pair of scissors at your home? Do you like to go to the hairdresser? Can you ride a bicycle with no hands? If you were ever in Pisa, would you take the usual picture? Do you like to take selfies? Do you post a lot on social media sites?

BG 144 – Random Questions

May I ask you something? Can you tell how many sides a room has? Have you counted the inside and outside? Do you wear a wedding ring? If not, would you like to wear a wedding ring? Do you like frogs or do you think they are disgusting? Can you play chess? Do you practice a team sport? Do you like to eat broccoli? Would you like to eat broccoli if it was orange?

BG 118 – Random Questions

May I ask you something? Do you have tattoos? If so, where? Do you regret anything? Do you prefer a beautiful expensive car or a cheaper one that is more economical? Can you draw a circle freehand? Do you often travel by public transport? Do you remember how toothache feels? May a cat sit on your lap? Do you prefer to eat white bread, brown bread or whole wheat bread?

BG 81 – Random Questions

May I ask you something? Can you ride a horse? Did you enjoy going to school as a child? Can you program? Can you knit? How many jeans lay in your wardrobe? Do you think toilet paper should hang loose side forward or backward? Does that really matter? Who is your favorite television host? Do you like to eat bananas?

BG 59 – Random Questions

May I ask you something? What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Do you sleep on one pillow or on several? Do you install your software yourself, or have someone else do it for you? What would you rather get: a bunch of flowers or a bottle of wine? How much is one plus one? Always? How many hammers do you own? Do you prefer to wear gold or silver? Have you ever lost something valuable?

BG 41 – Random Questions

May I ask you something? What was the year 2020 like for you (the year with the Covid19 pandemic)? What was the worst moment for you? And what the best? What did you find less important in the past year? And what has become more important to you? Do you think you will do things differently in the future? If yes, what? What are your wishes for 2021? And what are your plans?

BG 31 – Random Questions

May I ask you something? Do you like pop music? Do you play a musical instrument? Do you have children? If not, do you want children? Can you jump high? Do you know the Pythagorean theorem? Do you ever use more than one question mark? Do you think that adds something? Are you a chilly person?

BG 24 – Random Questions

May I ask you something? Do you like fish? Have you ever fished? Would you rather live by the sea or in the mountains? Are you currently wearing socks? Do you have long or short hair? Do you have curls? Do you like black and white photos better than colors? Are you color blind? Have you ever baked pancakes?

BG 10 – Random Questions

May I ask you something? How old are you? How old would you rather be? Do you live in a big house or a small house? Do you like to eat bread? Would you rather put chocolate sprinkles or cheese on it? And butter first? Do you like to read? Do you own more or less than a hundred books? Have you ever changed a car wheel?

BG 5 – Random Questions

May I ask you something? Do you like dogs or cats? Did you sleep well last night? Have you ever repaired a bicycle tire? Does that give away your age? When you see a coin on the street, do you pick it up? Would you be ashamed if someone saw that? Why or why not? Do you have more than one first name? How many letters does your surname consist of?

BG 1 – Behold my blog

Is life fun? Of course it is! You decide that yourself.
You decide what you watch and listen to, you decide what you focus your attention on.
Do I have all the answers? Of course not – I too just mess around.
But I do know this: those who indulge in creativity have no room for negative thinking.
Behold my blog.