BG 195 – Terse Thunderstorms (Tautogram)

translate those tranquil testimonies
that together tempt the tendency
to tackle the testy temperaments
tick thump throb tumult trash them

technical throwaway tectonics
together tantalizing temptations
theatrically tarnishing themselves
than transgress transfuse taint

two three ten twenty terminating
their theorem too terrifying tough
then those terms to their taciturnity
tattered tails to take themselves

their typeface thoroughly thick
their thunderstorms typically terse

BG 151 – Wagging Weightlessness (Tautogram)

why would we wonder
while whole worlds with wings
wrestle whoever, whatever, whenever
wholeheartedly willing wonderment

witty window-ledges wither with
words written where wildlife wanes
what will withdrawal waste
when wild winds want womanhood

women whose wisecrack wisdom
wills wonderful well-aimed worlds
within wintertime wondrous walls
while wilderness wantingly waits
wagging weightlessness

BG 150 – Juichend Jukbeen (Tautogram)

jawel ja, juist ja, jij joh
jouw just-in-time justifiëren
je juichende junior joyrijden
je joviale jaszak, je junkmail

jouw jeukerige, jaknikkende janboel
je jawoord, jouw joggingbroek, jullie juwelen
je jachtstoet, jachthaven, je jazzy jubeltenen
jijzelf, jij jengelt je jaaropgave

jullie jeugdige junkfood – jemig – jetlag
je juistheid, je jeugdwelzijnsbeleid
jullie juridische jaarafsluiting
je jugenstil jubileumnummer

jouw jeukende juxtapositie
jawel ja, juist ja
je juichend jukbeen